Our Story

Hi there! I'm George Antoniades, your friendly driver. I've been living in Cyprus for most of my life, and it's a place I truly call home. I'm passionate about showing people how wonderful is, which is why I decided to become a professional driver. My goal is to safely drive visitors around the island they can experience its beauty and charm, just like I do. That's why I started this company - to share my love Cyprus while doing what I enjoy most.

What you should expect from us

  • Professionalism: I'm a fully licensed professional driver, certified to provide tourist transportation services in Cyprus. The vehicles I use for transfers are always clean, well-maintained, and equipped with air conditioning for your comfort. If you have any special requirements, such as needing a specific type of seat for someone in your party, just let me know, and I'll make sure everything is arranged for a relaxed and enjoyable journey. Your comfort and satisfaction are my top priorities.
  • Flexibility: At Antoniades Travel, we prioritize both individual passengers and large groups alike. We ensure everyone's comfort and safety by providing suitable vehicles based on the number of passengers. Whether you have specific needs or encounter unexpected issues, we're available 24/7 to accommodate you. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities, no matter the circumstances.
  • Local Expertise: We're experts in showcasing and explaining Cyprus's historical wonders. Partnering with highly professional tour guides, we offer immersive experiences that transport you back in time, allowing you to fully grasp the rich history and culture of Cyprus. Just let us know your preferred language for the tour guide, and we'll arrange it seamlessly, ensuring you don't miss a single detail of the excursion. Your journey through Cyprus's past will be both enlightening and unforgettable.

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